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December 21, 2017

Search mode over 1000 resources (Scan + Hash)

Search mode over 1000 resources (Scan + Hash) Work with Scan + Hash All the searches to the Items, Questions and Answers API in the form of users/{Cust_id}/items/search or /questions/search over 1,000 should have the new search_type=scan parameter without the offset parameter. Note: if you want to query data below 1,000, you c...+

July 28, 2016

Nueva opción de free shipping para MLM

Nueva opción de free shipping para MLM Con el objetivo de seguir mejorando la experiencia de compra de los usuarios de nuestra plataforma cambiaremos la forma de entrega en productos nuevos de más de $549 para que siempre ofrezcan envíos gratis. Este impacto se verá reflejado para sellers de Tiendas Oficiales y Mercado Líderes. Además, a partir del 8 de Agosto Mercado Libre cubrirá hasta...+

April 13, 2016

Changes on free shipping options on MLM and MLB

We’re making changes on our free shipping options by country: From now on seller’s will have a country flat rate for the items they free ship. This rate is going to be calculated basing on dimensions. By now it’s only available on MercadoLibre México (MLM) and MercadoLivre Brasil (MLB), but soon it’s going to work for all sites where our MercadoEnvios unit is active in Colombia as well. Follow thi...+

March 28, 2016

Changes arrived to Mercado Libre

The new publishing model is available from Mercado Libre Argentina, Mercado Libre México, Mercado Libre Chile, Mercado Libre Venezuela, Mercado Libre Uruguay and Mercado Libre Colombia (July 3, 2017). Little by little we are improving the experience of all our vendors. You won’t have to pay any cost for list products. You are going to pay just the sales charge. Besides, <s...+

January 2, 2016

New improvement: Bulk sale to "ceramicas" and "porcelanatos" categories! - Only for MLA

Introduction We are working to improve the publications in "ceramicas" and "porcelanatos" categories (only MLA for now). To accomplish that now we allow Bulk sale in those categories. ¿What we change? You can specify if your product is sold by boxes, packages, pallets, units or m2 through SALES_UNIT attribute, and what it’s their yield with YIELD_OF_SALES_UNIT. We...+

November 23, 2015

Category prediction resource

Introduction The category prediction resource was created to help sellers and developers predict under which category a certain item should be listed. It’s currently working for Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Mexico. Parameters Parameter Description title ...+

November 4, 2014

New validations for variations

We’re adding validations for listings with variations. This is because we were accepting numbers in cases when a String is required, according to our Documentation. Starting next Monday, November 10th, we’ll only accept the value you send for attribute_combinations as a String, so if you’re sending another data type we suggest you adapt your system as soon as possible. If you want to learn how to...+

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